Memorial Home Health services need to be ordered by your physician, but our friendly staff can assist you with the process.  Our services are typically covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or Private Insurances.  Memorial Home Health personnel will gladly help you to determine how your care can be covered.



Medicare will normally pay for home health care, provided that certain criteria have been met.



The Medicaid provider must give approval prior to the beginning of care.



Many insurance policies recognize the benefits and cost effectiveness of home health care and may cover home health services.



Patients and their families who do not qualify for Medicare or other insurance may elect to pay for our

services privately.


Memorial Home Health admits and treats all  individuals in need without discrimination on the basis of handicap, age, race, color, sex, religion or national origin.  Memorial Home Health provides nurses and therapists who work closely with you, your family and your physician to offer you excellent personalized health care in your home.





Any patient, regardless of age, who has received a diagnosis of a terminal illness and a limited life expectancy is eligible for hospice care. Patients and families should understand that hospice care is designed to lessen pain and discomfort, not cure diseases.


Care is provided in the home, although some patients may have short stays in the hospital or nursing home to manage a medical crisis.


In most cases, the patient must have a family member or close friend who will be the primary caregiver. This assures the patient’s comfort and safety while living at home.


Because of the generosity of the community, and with the aid of grants and donations, Memorial Hospice provides care to all who need the service, regardless of ability to pay.


Memorial Hospice brings comfort and compassion to a large number of people because of the generosity of the community. Its major fund raiser during the year is the lighting of the Tree of Life during the Christmas season.


This major fund raiser provides part of the funding for Memorial Hospice. Donations are also accepted all year long in honor of, or as memorials to, loved ones. Each donation is greatly appreciated and will be                       acknowledged. All gifts to Memorial Hospice are tax deductible.


To make a donation, please see our DONATIONS PAGE